Motherwell and Wishaw Swim Team

Policies & Procedures

Notice Board

Swimmers/Parents/Guardians are asked to look at our Club Notice Board weekly to keep up to date with current events.

The Club Notice Board is situated at the top end of the pool (Diving end). 

  • Fundraising and Gala information
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Constitution and Rules
    The Club is governed by rules approved by Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA).
  • Child Protection Policy Statement
    Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. is committed to following Scottish Amateur Swimming Association's Child Protection guidelines with the underlying principle that the child's welfare is the first consideration.
  • Club Administration Information

Social Media

Facebook - Access will be only be granted to Swimmers, Parents and Associates of the Club by request only. Swimmers must meet the age requirements set by the Club for access. This is used as an aide for everyone associated with the Club, we ask you abide by the terms of facebook and the club and anyone found misusing this will be removed from the group.

 Complaints, Grievances & Compliments

Whilst we make every effort to ensure swimmers, parents, guardians and coaches have no concerns, should such a situation arise our Club has a procedure to deal with such matters. Please speak with the squad coach in the first instance.

Enhanced Disclosure

All our coaching staff, committee members and volunteers are members of Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) and have a Disclosure Scotland Certificate.

Code of Conduct - Coaching staff

All coaching staff have signed SASA Code of Conduct, attended (or made a commitment to attend) Child Protection Training, and completed a self-declaration form disclosing any and all criminal convictions.

Code of Conduct - Swimmers

In line with Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) we ask our swimmers to abide by our Club rules and commit to their training programme.

Code of Conduct - Parents

Parents/Guardians Commitment to Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C.
Parents/Guardians Responsibilities

Arrival for Training:
Always check when you drop your child off that the pool is available and open for training. Emergency and facility failure can occur at short notice. The Coaches are not responsible for the swimmers prior to or after training sessions. If you think you will be late for picking up your child after a training session please phone the Sports Centre and ask that a message is passed on to the coaching staff.
During Training or Gala/Competition:
Please inform Coach of any information regarding your child i.e. Injuries/Medical changes prior to their training session.
Do NOT distract the coach during a training session.
Do NOT coach your child from the spectator's gallery.
Sessions are planned for different aspects of training without any interruptions to the session and undermining the authority of the Coach. If you wish to speak to the Coach please do so at the end of the session.


Data Protection Act 1998

Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. complies with the Data Protection Act on information held for our swimmers.


Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. has a NO PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEOING RULE.

This expressly forbids unauthorised videoing, photography and the use of mobile phones (with or without camera function) during training sessions. We recommend that swimmers or parents/guardians or extended family do not use mobile phones at any time during training. This eliminates any misconception of inappropriate use.

Appropriate Mobile Phone use

The aim of the Mobile Phone Policy to promote safe and appropriate practice through establishing clear acceptable use through guidelines.
This policy applies to all members of the Club, and relates directly to the appropriate codes of conduct.
It is the responsibility of the athletes / coaches / volunteers to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this document.
It is the parent’s responsibility to allow their child to have a mobile phone, and should be aware if their child takes a mobile phone to club sessions. Permission to have a mobile phone during the club sessions/events will be contingent on the parent/guardian permission in the form of a signed copy of this policy.
Policy Statement
It is recognised that smartphones contain a wide variety of functions which can be susceptible to misuse. Misuse includes taking and distribution of indecent images, exploitation and bullying.
Misuse of smartphones can cause distress to individuals, impact on self-confidence and mental well-being, as well as impact on privacy and right to confidentiality. Such concerns are not exclusive to children and young people.
It is appreciated that it can be very difficult to detect when smartphones are being used, particularly in relation to additional functions. The use of all mobile phones is therefore limited, regardless of their capabilities.
There are ‘mobile phone free’ areas within the Club setting. These are areas that are considered to be the most vulnerable and sensitive:
 Changing Rooms
 Toilets
 Showers
There is a zero-tolerance policy in place with regards to use of mobile phones by any individual in these areas.
2.8 Acceptable Use of Mobile Phone Policy v3 February 2015
Inappropriate Use
Members using vulgar, derogatory or obscene language while using a mobile phone will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Club.
Members using their mobile phone to engage in personal attacks, harass other people, post private information about others using SMS messages, taking/sending photos or objectionable images, and phone calls will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Club, and may be subject to criminal proceedings.