Motherwell and Wishaw Swim Team

Leaving The Club

They say all good things must come to an end. At Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. we are very aware of the many opportunities available to young people today through school club activities or other organised activities/sports clubs. We fully appreciate the importance of having 'choices' and understand that this may and can result in swimmers leaving Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C.

We would like to advise you of our Leavers Process and ask parents to please adhere to this as it ensures the smooth running of the Club in all administration processes:

Swimmer Leaving Club - Notification Process to Swimming Club by Parent/Guardian

  1. Verbal Notification - Parent/Swimmer to notify Squad Coach that swimmer will be Leaving Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. letting us know date and any other information you feel appropriate.
  2. Written Notification - Please put in writing addressed to the Head Coach confirming date of leaving and any other information you feel appropriate.

On receipt of the notification of leaving letter the Head Coach will pass the information to the Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. Treasurer will send a letter confirming the date of last Monthly Training Fee payment due and for Parent/Guardian to cancel standing order in respect of Monthly Training Fees to Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C.

We very much appreciate your assistance with this process as it also allows us to maintain our squad levels and also provide places to our waiting list applicants.

We are always delighted to welcome swimmers back, and should this be the case that a swimmer who has left the Club would like to return you would simply require to complete a Waiting List Form.