Motherwell and Wishaw Swim Team

Gala Information / FAQ

Useful Information for Parents/Swimmers about Galas and Competitions.



How do I know if I am swimming?

A list will be posted on the notice board/web page Gala /Competitions & Facebook advising of the date, venue, time of the gala and all swimmers eligible to enter. The Head Coach will select the swims, the master entry form will be available at the club desk on Thursdays for you to choose/approve which events you wish to enter. Payment is also due now.
Please request access to our Facebook Group if you dont already have access.

Remember, No Entry forms will be issued.
It is the swimmers/Parents responsibility to approve their selected swims at the club desk or on facebook.
Failure to do so will result in not being entered.
The entry closing date is final, no exceptions will be made.

If an event is oversubscribed, not all swimmers will be accepted to swim. A notice of all successful swimmers will be posted on the notice board/web page. You should check each week for any updates.
Abbreviations used against the entry are as follows
SCR = No swim - Event is oversubscribed
RES or ALT = Reserve swim - there are normally 2 reserves for each event.
If any swimmer withdraws from the event, reserve swimmers take their place
No abbrevation against the time = accepted swim

If you are unable to meet your commitment to swim at a competition, please advise the club immediately, or also by using the club email or facebook as soon as possible before the competition.

How to Determine which days your child is swimming

Session Numbers:

Event Numbers starting with 1: generally means Session1 = 1st Session of the Meet usually Saturday Morning
Event Numbers starting with 2: generally means Session2 = 2nd Session of the Meet usually Saturday Afternoon
Event Numbers starting with 3: generally means Session3 = 3rd Session of the Meet usually Sunday Morning
Event Numbers starting with 4: generally means Session4 = 4th Session of the Meet usually Sunday Afternoon
e.g. Event 101 100 Backstroke Boys 12-13 years....This is Event 101 session 1 event 01

How do I get there?

It is up to each individual to make their own way to the gala. Speak to the committee, coach or other parents if you are not sure where you are going or how to get there. See also Swimming Pool Locations.

There is a warm up time and a start time. You should aim to arrive about 15 - 20 minutes before the warm up time.If you are delayed for any reason please phone the coach on duty for the gala. If you do not and arrive late the coach may have withdrawn you from the gala.

What happens when I get there?

When you arrive at the gala there will be other swimmers from the club look out for them. We all sit together as a team.Report to the coach to let them know you have arrived. If it is your first gala they will help you throughout the gala.Get changed and make your way onto poolside before the warm-up session begins. Warm-up duration is gala specific but usually 1 hour before the Gala offically begin. Check the Meet details for that appropriate Gala. Listen to your coach for instructions on warm up and race.After you swim report back to the coach.

What do I need to bring?
Club T shirt & Swim Cap should be worn by ALL swimmers

Swimming trunks/swim suit, your club swim cap (plus a spare), at least 2 towels and 2 pairs of goggles (in case of mishap).To keep warm between races a club polo/t-shirt, shorts/track bottoms and a towel.Water bottle/soft drink. Water, squash or isotonic liquids are recommended.
Glass bottles are not permitted.Lunch - for more than 1 session bring lunch, extra drinks and snacks.

How do I find out what times a swimmer has achieved?

After each gala or club event, individual times and positions of each swimmer will be displayed on the Results section of this web site and can be downloaded. If the Gala was accredited, the times will be available on the British Swimming website. Click here . You can also see times as they happen on the Meet Mobile App, available in IOS & Android.

What is a PB?

PB stands for personal best. It is the best time an individual has achieved for a particular stroke at a given distance.

PBs in Accredited Meets are recorded on the National Rankings Database. Each swimmer’s PBs on the rankings database can be accessed from the link above.

Prelims & Heat Declared Winners

What does a Prelim mean?

A Prelim heat means there were will be a final at the end of that session, check results at the Gala to see if the Swimmer has made the final of that stroke.

What does Heat Declared Winner (HDW) mean?

If a gala states HDW, (Heat Declared Winner) this means there are no finals, Therefore if you have 30 swimmers competing in a 50 metre freestyle race the winner will be the swimmer with the fastest time regardless if the swimmer swam in the first or last heat.

At many meets including our Club Championships all the swimmers in a given event will swim in heats together regardless of age, starting usually with slowest in the first heat and the fastest in the last heat. This does not mean that the 9 year olds are actually competing against 16 year olds or older as once all the heats are swum the swimmers times are sorted into the individual age groups and medals awarded accordingly. Where an event is Heat Declared Winner there are no Finals.

My name is on a result list but has DQ by the side, what does this mean?

Unfortunately many competitive swimmers are DQ'd sometimes, this means disqualified. At the end of a pool will be time keepers, recording a final time achieved by the swimmer, by the side of the pool walking up and down are Judges. If a Judge feels that the swimmer has not touched properly performed a stroke incorrectly or false start i.e. entered the water before the starter gun/whistle this will result in a DQ. The fact of disqualification is usually indicated on results pages by annotating the result with 'DQ' or with a more specific disqualification code.

If a swimmer is disqualified then he/she will be given no time on the results. Any time recorded by the timekeeper will not be treated as an official time and cannot be used as a qualifying time for any event.

Q. What does DNC DNF or NS mean?

A swimmers name at the bottom of a result sheet with DNC, DNF, NS next to to it, this will mean that the swimmer DNC (Did Not Compete) or DNF (Did Not Finish), NS (No Start)



Types of Galas

Open Meets

As the name suggests these are open to all swimmers however, as there are usually limits on the numbers who can attend, it is only usually the fastest swimmers in each age group who get accepted for these galas.

Graded Meets

These are designed to stop the top swimmers in each age group from being the only people able to compete.

There are 2 time bands for each event; your time must be within the lower and upper limit. If you are faster than the lower limit or slower than the upper limit you are not allowed to enter. Again there is a limit to the number of swimmers who can attend and therefore, unfortunately, some swimmers may not be accepted to swim.

Different Levels of Meets

Level 1 Meets are long course (50m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into National, Regional and County Championships.

Level 2 Meets are short course (25m) only and cover National, Regional and County Championships. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve qualifying times for entry into National, Regional and County Championships in short course.

Level 3 Meets are long and short course events. Their purpose is to enable athletes to achieve times for entry into Regional and County Championships and other Meets at Level 1 or Level 2.

Development Meets are often referred to as “Level 3 Meets” or “Unaccredited Meets” which is an indication that judges and referees are more likely to point out mistakes to the swimmer or coach than to disqualify the swimmer. This provides the ideal opportunity for coaches to discuss with swimmers ways of correcting and improving technique to ensure they learn from their mistakes, enabling them to progress.

Much like the club time trials, these meets are aimed at novice swimmers who have either never competed, or who are relatively new to competitive swimming. They are run as very friendly, informal events and are intended to introduce swimmers to competitive swimming in an encouraging and supportive environment, aimed at building the confidence of young, inexperienced swimmers.


Mini League

These galas are short and only last around 2 hours. We compete 2 or 3 times a year with other Clubs within the District.

There are 2 time bands for each event; your time must be within the lower and upper limit. If you are faster than the lower limit or slower than the upper limit you are not allowed to enter. All swimmers entered are guaranteed a swim.

Pool Lengths

  • 25m Pool is Short Course (SC)
  • 50m Pool is Long Course (LC)

What is DRP?

DRP is the Scottish Swimming 'District Regional Programme', Swimmers need to achieve specific times to be able to qualify for this programme, which gives the swimmers access to additional swimming stroke camps and much more information for young swimmers. See here for more info on DRP and times needed to qualify.